Never Overlook Persistent Hearing Issues as it can Cause Long Term Damage to Ears


Delhi NCR is the 5th noisiest urban centre in the world and it ranks 2nd among cities of the world if the noise level and hearing loss of the city is considered together. As an important part of the national capital region, Noida also faces similar hazards and the resulting impact on the hearing health of its residents. This is an example of sensorinural hearing loss caused by noise pollution. Hearing problems can also arise due to several reasons and an individual could be affected by any one or more of these reasons. These can be classified into three major types e.g. conductive, sensorinural and one that is mixed where multiple reasons affect your hearing health. Whatever may be the reason, if your hearing issues persist, it is time to consult best hearing clinics Noida for expert advice on the matter.

Understanding the symptoms of hearing loss

Hearing loss can affect anybody from an infant to a 75 year old senior but in general, it affects one in every 6 adults aggregating an estimated 750 million people worldwide. It is a slow and gradual process in most cases and is a challenge for the person affected, to know about it in the early stages. A common symptom could be that you will regularly ask people interacting with you to repeat themselves. Alternately, you might need to look at the person speaking, to hear what s/he is saying.

These are likely symptoms of hearing loss that can aggravate if not addressed early enough. Even if your ears turn out to be alright after examination, it won’t amount to any effort wasted. Rather, it will save you from the possibility of ending up in a more serious condition in terms of your hearing. There are several other symptoms of hearing loss that may appear innocuous at the first instance but may turn out to be a deeper issue that could disrupt your life if not addressed on time in any of the best hearing clinics in sector18 Noida.

People in Delhi NCR need to be careful

As one of the most polluted cities in the world both in terms of air as well as sound, it would be quite a risk for any resident of Delhi NCR including those residing in Noida, to take their ear health for granted. While the noise pollution works on eroding your hearing ability over a period of time, the air pollution deposits fine particulate matter inside your ears. If you are oblivious to both these hazards, you could invite trouble for your ears and your hearing abilities. Eventually poor hearing or deafness could adversely impact the quality of your life.

Hearing problems are not sensational and do not come crashing into an individual’s life like many of the more serious health conditions. That may appear to be so in the early stages but when your hearing ability is lost for good, that’s when the horrifying world of silence crashes down on you. Most people in Delhi NCR refuse to acknowledge the early symptoms and look for working around the problem rather than going to the best hearing clinics in Noida to meet an audiologist. There is no workaround for this problem and you need to meet it head on.

What should you do in case of any such symptom?

Whenever you experience any symptom affecting your hearing, make sure you don’t just brush it aside thinking it to be some kind of an issue with the source of the sound rather than a problem with your hearing. For instance, if you cannot hear what is being said on your TV even with the usual volume level, get your ear checked by an audiologist instead of simply increasing the volume. The best hearing clinics in Noida are well-equipped to test your hearing and make the right recommendations.

Today there are technological solutions for different levels of hearing loss with little or no inconvenience. Hearing aids have progressed to a level where people with partial to substantial deafness are now able to hear normally. People with hearing issues not only get isolated as they are not able to participate in normal discussions. That eventually affects relationships and leads to depression and dementia. In Delhi NCR especially, it is very important for every individual to get their hearing tested because of the high level of noise and air pollution.


The biggest problem for people with hearing difficulties is that they are either ignorant of the existence of any such problem or they simply refuse to acknowledge that hearing can be a problem. Many others would simply deny that hearing problems can affect a person before the arrival of old age. They don’t seem to realize that it is a gradual problem, which worsens with negligence and can adversely impact their lives much before old age sets in. You need stay away from taking such a stand when it comes to hearing loss even if it is negligible because if left unattended, it won’t be long before it worsens. When that happens, there would be no alternative but to consult an audiologist but this time make sure you contact the best hearing clinics in sector 18 Noida.

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