Why it’s So Important to Protect Your Hearing (And How You Do It)

It is essential for everyone to take care of their ears and hearing, as damage to the auditory system could be irreparable. Many of us have one common question: We wonder why ear protection is important and if one truly needs it. One simple answer is, yes. Ear protection helps to protect your hearing from damaging noise that may be present at any given time around you. Ear protection is an important way to protect against Hearing Loss during a variety of activities. As we all understand, any sound carrying over 85 decibels can damage the hearing, especially with repeated exposure. Being aware of the activities that endanger your hearing and using ear protection when taking part in them is a must.

As hearing loss generally occurs gradually, many people don’t notice the subtle decline until friends or family members point it out. Hearing is delicate and susceptible to damage, even from everyday activities and environments.

DID YOU KNOW? that even the slightest, unnoticeable rise in decibels can have a huge effect on your hearing. A three-decibel rise in volume could double the risk of damage to your ears. While a high percentage of this figure results from old age and diseases that impact hearing, a percentage is also related to exposure to overly loud noises.

Here are the three most common and most important reasons why ear protection really is necessary.

1. Hearing Is Delicate
The fact is that hearing is Delicate- The human inner ear is an amazing and compact system but also an extremely fragile one. Over time, as one gets older, the hearing will begin to decline in performance, just like our eyesight, and will most probably also get worse – this is a change that’s to be expected. However, if you damage your hearing when in your younger years when old age hits and your hearing declines in quality, you may struggle to hear at all.

2. Tinnitus Can Be Worrisome
Tinnitus is a very common hearing complaint where you hear a buzzing or ringing in your ears on a near-constant basis. This could be caused irrespective of the surroundings. Now, just imagine hearing your fire alarm going off constantly in the background for weeks or months at a time – this should give you some insight into what tinnitus is really like. Often, the cause of tinnitus is your hearing being exposed to overly loud noises, such as drilling, explosions, or very loud music. However, if you opt to use a Hearing Aid while being exposed to these kinds of sounds, you can make developing tinnitus much less likely. When you hear a loud sound, it can cause damage to your inner ear, which is what causes the ringing or buzzing sound that tinnitus continually causes.

3. Damaged Hearing Is Irrevocable
Once your hearing has been damaged, it can’t be fixed. Our eardrums and ears don’t heal themselves, which means that if you damage your hearing by not wearing adequate ear protection, there’s no going back. We at Best Hearing Clinics, have an array of Hearing Aids, which are just as comfortable as they are economical.

If you suffer from a problem in your ear caused by loud noises and have to remedy the issue later, your treatment will cost more than simply purchasing earplugs. It is far easier to invest in ear protection to stay ahead of noise-induced hearing loss. At Best Hearing Clinics, our experienced audiologist can advise you on the best ear protection for your situation and how often you should be using it.

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