How Oticon with Polaris Platform becoming backbone of Oticon More

Hearing is known to be one of the important parts of everyone’s life. Sometimes people go through a disorder that makes them feel dependent and they feel like losing their confidence. But now with the help of advanced and new technological hearing aids it is easy to deal with such disorder which will help you in making their environment safe and friendly for them and they can live their life with proper independence.

Hearing aids are also developing and revolutionizing themselves with the need of the people and time. But until now, hearing aids are mostly built upon using easy man-made rules and mostly they are categorized into speech or noise.

At Best Hearing Clinics, our aim is to provide people with the gift of hearing so that they don’t feel insecure and can achieve all the goals and dreams they thought about. To give the amazing experience of hearing Oticon always focused on Brain Hearing technology as they always believe that the brain is the main source of sound and the brain also plays an important part in processing it effectively.

What is Oticon Polaris Pltform?

We all know that Oticon believes that to activate the power of people’s brain one should offer wider access to the people surrounding environment which helps Oticon to expand them and evolve their audiological strategy.

With the new technology, Oticon offers you the new Polaris platform. This platform is known as the backbone of Oticon More and was built specifically for hearing aids. This hearing aids  has more speed, precision, and capacity than ever before.

With Oticon, more users can experience better hearing and speech understanding in a variety of environments, with less effort and worry-free rechargeability for more convenience

Features of Oticon more
  • With Oticon, more people can stream from any other Bluetooth device with Oticon Connect Clip.
  • With Oticon, more people can experience amazing rechargeable style hearing aid with a large variety of fitting options and colors and covers levels of hearing loss ranging from mild to profound at our Best Hearing Clinics
  • Oticon More offers people amazing rechargeability providing a full day of battery life, including streaming, from a three-hour charge.
  • With Oticon, More people not only get good retention and wear comfort, but it also helps in improving sound.

What are the two types of oticon and its difference?

With the new Oticon, More people can experience sound clarity up to 60 % clearer inside the brain with the Best enhancement of speech and reduced background noise in hearing aid technology. At the Best Hearing Clinics, we provide amazing oticon hearing aid which can scan sound scenes almost 500 times per second and can work seamlessly across varying listening environments.

Difference Oticon More 1 Oticon More 2
Understanding speech The ability to create contrast between speech in noise differs from every situation to the next, as well as between technologies In this hearing aid it tells us how much speech is emphasized for clarity and richness varies between technology levels.
Handling noise With Oticon more 1 the level of noise handling differs for all environments, and is handled differently across technology levels In this hearing aid people experience handling of sudden impulse sounds which makes them different.
Handling environments The amount of help given by the system through the Environmental Configuration in Genie. More choices here give more options for optimal help from the hearing aid. Pinna options in Virtual Outer Ear differ ad through this people can also experience better hearing in simple listening environments
Unique fitting Differences The number of fitting bands differs. Higher REM target accuracy is possible with more bands. Higher fitting accuracy and flexibility is possible with more fitting bands The number of processing channels on the platform differ

As we conclude, we know that Oticon More is more trained with sound scenes from the real world and is specially designed to balance the sound scene around you. At our Best Hearing Clinic, we are always dedicated to providing you with the amazing hearing aid and proper guidance under professional which allows you to get more out of your conversations with friends and loved ones.

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