My Phonak Junior app for children

For children and parents

my Phonak Junior app for children

This children’s hearing aid app is made to empower kids while prioritizing their hearing performance. It facilitates accessible Remote Support and Remote Control, with Parental Control ensuring parents remain engaged in their child’s hearing journey. It is compatible with Sky L, Naída L, Audéo L, and CROS L. The app enables busy families to connect with their audiologist conveniently, fitting into their lifestyle. Caregivers and users benefit from an enhanced overview of wearing time. Children can personalize their hearing aid settings for various scenarios such as school, TV watching, parties, and more.Tailored for children aged 18 years or younger, with independent usage determined by parents and hearing care professionals. In essence, the app is designed to enhance the hearing experience for children while providing practical tools for parents, caregivers, and audiologists alike.


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