Unitron is one of the fastest growing, most successful hearing instrument manufacturers. Founded in 1964, Unitron is headquartered in Canada’s innovative Waterloo region, with 20 international offices. When Unitron designs hearing instruments, they view every detail through the lens of the patient. Unitr.on then bundles in industry-first technologies, so you get a highly satisfying listening experience and hearing aids which are comfortable to wear all day, every day.

Unitron Vivante

Designed by our philosophy that focuses on comfort, aesthetics and ease-of-use, Moxi Vivante features new RIC designs and new charging cases.

We present to you:

  • Moxi V-R, the smallest RIC on the platform, 
  • Moxi V-RT, with a built in telecoil for those clients who still desire the flexibility to connect to landline phones and loop systems and
  • Moxi V-RS, our thinnest rechargeable hearing instrument on the Vivante platform – a new style option for those who refuse to compromise on style and comfort.

With newly designed charging cases your clients can easily insert and remove their hearing devices thanks to the magnetic pull insertion. All Moxi Vivante styles have won the prestigious Red Dot Awards for Product Design.

Our stylish Moxi Vivante hearing aids are designed to bring the sounds of the good life right to your clients’ ears.

Unitron Moxi Blu

Unitron Moxi Blu is Unitron’s latest flagship hearing aid family. Utilizing Sonova’s new PRISM chipset and Integra OS signal processing, Blu promises a new level of sound personalization and listening ease—even in complex listening environments. The Moxi Blu family consists of three different Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aids, two of which are rechargeable.

Unitron Stride Blu

Stride™ Blu Ultra Power is the newest hearing aid from Unitron. It is designed for effortless connectivity, to help you overcome the unique obstacles of your everyday experience. It provides in-the-moment personalization to improve your listening experience, and allow you to stay in the conversation.