The first and only hearing aid with fall detection and alerts – STARKEY

The first and only hearing aid with fall detection and alerts – STARKEY

With the added benefit of superior sound quality, wearers and their loved ones can now experience not only exceptional hearing aid performance but also enhanced peace of mind. Evolv AI hearing aids are equipped with integrated 3D sensors, allowing them to identify instances of the wearer falling. These smart devices can then send alert messages to chosen friends or family members. Evolv AI benefits from the anatomy and physiology of the human body. The individual using the hearing aid can choose up to three contacts to receive notifications in the event of a fall. Through the Thrive Hearing app, contacts can be effortlessly added by the wearer or their hearing professional. The auto alert function will promptly send a notification to the designated contact(s) when a fall is detected, including the GPS location of the wearer. This allows the contact to promptly reach out, either by calling the wearer to check on them or arranging for necessary assistance.

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